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Comprehensive Leader

As an expert in motivation strategy, Sodexo offers a wide range of services to contribute to our clients’ performance and progress.

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Motivation at Work

Sodexo’s experience in motivation provides a tailored approach to recognition program development that encourages and rewards performance.

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Recognition Strategy

Motivation plays an integral role in improving business outcomes. Defined qualitative and quantitative objectives and measurable results are essential to any recognition program.

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Valuing People

There is an undeniable link between employee motivation and lasting business success. Deliver value to employees by making recognition an important part of their daily work experience.

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Reward Book

Sodexo Motivation Solutions 2014 Employee Reward Book

Shop our 2014-2015 Employee Reward Book for the perfect Business and Employee Rewards.

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Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs: Why VOI Is the New ROIRead More »

As a growing number of organizations increase the use of rewards and recognition programs, a fundamental question arises: how can managers best demonstrate the value of these programs to senior management?

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How can workplace incentives and recognition improve quality of life? Companies are finding that incentive and recognition programs can encourage desired behavior among employees and motivate them to perform at their best.


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For 30 years Sodexo has utilized its nearly 4,000 employees in 34 countries to deliver the most innovative incentives, recognition, benefits and rewards. Learn more about Sodexo.

Recognition Resources

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